Kharamjistan Flag

The proud Kharamajistani flag, a sword agaisnt an Islamic mosque represents the country's independence from Islam.

"It was here that my ancestors decided to settle on this forbidden landscape, or what is it a punishment from the gods? If it was, they are mistaken, Kharamajistan has brought us great wealth and fortune." - Kharamajistani Bedouin



Kharamajistani history begins long before the nation was even established.

Islamic Establishment in the Middle EastEdit

When Muhammad recieved the revelation from Gabriel, he returned to Mecca to declare that Allah was the god to worship. Muhammad was met with large opposition as most of the Nomadic tribes in Mecca believed in other Gods. Muhammad and his followers left Mecca and traveled to Medina. In 630 AD, He returned back to Mecca and besieged the city. Muhammad had won the battle and as of a result, declared that Allah was to be worship.

Some residents of Mecca that didn't reform fleed the city. They all marched in different directions, but all left the heart of the Arabian Pennisula.

One tribe, Kharisalimajh tribe head North east to the Caspian Sea. This tribe wanted to get away from Arabia and Muslims as far as possible. They finally decided to settle east of the Caspian sea in modern-day North Eastern Afganistan.

A Period of DevelopmentEdit

For more than a century, the newly established ancestors of Kharamajistan had a session of development of their Muslim-Independent nation.

Their technology had improved.From bronze tools. They had improved to more durable and stronger Iron tools.




Relations with other NationsEdit

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