Kazan is the capital of the Ossetian Empire, found in 467 AD, it was originally named Gavana but renamed in 2011, Kazan is homed to many famous Ossetians and is also homed to the Kazan Crocodiles, one of Ossetia's football teams, it also is homed to the Ossetian Space Agency(OSA), and also has a Global Science Association(GSA) in the capital. The country runs on Nuclear, Wind, and Water energy sources from it's Hydro Dam, Wind Farms, and Nuclear Power Station, the capital had to be rebuilt after "The Battle of Gavana" in 1920 at the end of the Ossetian Civil War, Kazan is also homed to the United Empire Embassy to keep relations with the United Empire, a close ally of the Ossetian Empire, Kazan is also known as "The Magnificent City", and is also homed to Xbox 720's HQ, and Izhmash Fire Arms which produces all of Ossetia's small arms, it is also homed to the "Church of Ossetia" the grand Church of the Ossetian Empire, while there is freedom of religion, 89% of the country is Christian, and 98% of the capital is Christian, the largest percentage in all other cities in the Ossetian Empire, thus is why the Church of Ossetia is here.
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  • Flag of the City of Kazan

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