The government of the Federate Districts of Karkland has been a very fickle thing from the start. Technically, the Constitution states that each district of Karland has the rights to have its own government, make local laws, and command its own trade. These are the few basic outlines of the powers of each district. But there has been many arguements going back and forth on whether the districts should have these rights or should they be given to the central government. This is currently still in debate, as each party either fights to ammend the Constitution or keep it the same. Despite all this, there are 3 houses of the government that work well together.

Suntevik HouseEdit

The Suntevik House is the legislative portion of the FDK. All 150 representatives are voted into office by their districts. The number of seats in the house for each district is equal. Each district gets 2 seats. These representatives are re-elected once a year, and have no term limit. Then, these representatives all vote on the Head-of-Suntevik. This entitles one person to be the leader of all legislative actions. He has the ability to veto all laws the representatives pass, and is responsible for organizing any meetings he feels necessary. This man can even dismiss any meeting he feels empowered to do so with. But he is not to be mistaken for the President, who will be explained later. Now, the Suntevik House has the job of creating all laws and economic regulations. Any law/regulation needs a majority vote to pass. The only time it takes more than a majority is when there is being an ammendmant made to the Constitution.

Ultimate CourtEdit

The job of the Ultimate Court system is pretty simple. They have the job of interpreting any law passed by the legislature. When any law is broken, they decide to what degree it was broken and the punishment. They also have the ability to stop any law if it is deemed unconstitutional. This would be anything that impedes on the rights of Karklandians. This law would then have to be sent back to the legislature for a reform.


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