GKR civil war began when 2 nuclear devices were set off Karkland cities (Garshee and Botren). It killed nearly 350,00 and in the aftermath, several factions tried to gain power, the communist forces (FUD) being the largest. The ERE & AE, not wanting communist rule over Karkland, marched into the imperial-monarchy section to support their forces. After a while the ERE troops set up a defensive perimiter waiting for the word to attack, while Austratt forces were en route to meet up with Byzantine troops.

Foreign troops dispatchedEdit

ERE Soldiers:300,000
  • Byzantine troops before being sent to GKR territory.
  • Austratt soldiers fighting in the GKR

ERE Reinfrocments:2,000 Imperial monarchy militia men

ERE Armor:700

AE Soldiers:560,080

AE Reinforcments:300 SS Troops

AE Armor:60,600


Imperialist forces:The Austratt Empire, The Eastern Roman Empire, IMPM.

Communist forces:FUD, The Communist Republic of Jutland(Withdrawled later on).

Other Guerilla factions:GKR Military remenants, GKR government remenants.

Troops lostEdit

ERE dead:Unknown

ERE missing:Unknown

AE dead:2,679

AE missing:46

IMPM dead:Unknown

IMPM missing:Unknown

FUD dead:Unknown

FUD missing:Unknown

GKR remenants dead:Unknown

GKR remenants missing:Unknown


  • Imperialist victory.
  • Defeat of Communist and other Guerilla factions.
  • Establishment of a Imperial-Monarch government in the Karkland nation.

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