The Juttish Defense Forces [JDF] (Juttish: Jitlandesh bruņotie spēki), is the Main Defense Force of the Democratic Coalition of Jutland. The JDF is a large and strong Military that will protect the Great land and its cities, from all dangers and harm. The JDF has 267,000 Active troops in its army and over 2,500,000 reserve personnel.

Juttish Defense Forces (JDF) specs.Edit

Specific information about the Juttish Defense Forces

Juttish army

Flag of the JAF.

Supreme Commander In Chief: President Vladimir Lenin II

Minister of Defence: Arnitz Warklowski

Secondary Commander: Army General Kraisen Zarklow
  • Juttish T-95 in Military excercise
  • JRN Mazkac stationed 30 Miles North of Khrunkshov, Gulf Province, Jutland.
  • Yarkinz Y-100 takeoff from Mazkac
  • The Khruntol K-103 Submachine Gun
  • Rondzhin Zdalat Long range Sniper rifle
  • A Mil Mi-24 Hind A during the Karkland war.

Active troops: 267,000

Reserve personnel: 2,500,000

Fighter jets: 1,500 in Service (1,243 currently built/planned)

Naval ships: 60 in Service (56 to be built/planned)

Military Branches:

Juttish Royal Navy (JDRN)

Juttish Defensive Air Force Unit (JDAFU)

Khrukshlovono-9 (K-9) [Very Special and Elite Defense Unit]

Juttish Defense Tank Unit (JDTU)'

Juttish Defense Ground Force (JDGF)

Juttish Defense Marine Corp (JDMC)

Juttish Peace Keepers (JPK)

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