Jet Airways

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"Jet speed, palace comfort"

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Founded: 1932 (As air India) 2036 (As Jet Airways)

Served Area: Worldwide


Indira Gandhi Intl

Sahar Intl

Secondary Hubs:

Kolkata Intl

Chennai Intl

International Hubs:

Tehran Intl Airport (Iran) 

Beijing Intl airport (East China)

Charles De Gaulle Intl Airport (France)

JFK airport (NAR)


Jet Airways is a India-based airline noted for its luxurious business class and great cuisine. It was founded in 1932 as Air India (Known as Tata air service at the time) it was founded to co-operate with the British Imperial Airways by flying across India. It eventually transformed and was merged with the airline Indian, Air India, and Spicejet.

Jet Airway's hubs are Indira Gandhi International and Sahar International, located in New Delhi and Mumbai respectively. International hubs include Tehran intl, Beijing Intl, Charles De Gaulle Intl and JFK Intl


Jet Airways has a diverse amount of destinations around the world, offering luxury every step of the way.


Aircraft   In Service   Orders   Notes  
Airbus A320  45
Airbus A380 27
Boeing 702 15
Boeing 737-800 29
Boeing 747-400 38
Boeing 747SP 20
Boeing 767-300ER 65
Boeing 767-400ER 65
Boeing 787-8 130
Douglas DC-8 26
Total: 646 0

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