The Japanese Self-Defense Forces (Japanese: 自衛隊) or JSDF, are the united military forces of Japan, which is Made up of the Defense Force, the Self-Defense Airforce, the Naval Defense Unit, the Self-Defense Marine Force, the Self-Defense Armored Divison, and the Nuclear Defense Unit. The JSDF was constitutionally formed in 1230, following the Honshu Rebellion during the Feudal wars. It is one of the worlds largest militaries, with over 2,220,100 active and 9,350,000 reserve. . It also has a very large Military Expenditure of $46,859,000,000, which takes up 1% of the National GDP

Japanese Self-Defense Forces

Service Branches:

Japanese Defense Force


Japanese Self-Defense Airforce


Japanese Naval Defense Unit


Japanese Self-Defense Marine Force


Japanese Self-Defense Armored Divison


Japanese Nuclear Defense Unit



Shizaku Kokainao

Minister of Defense:

Fuzki Yaokawa

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