Seal of the Japanese Resettlement Program

The Japanese Resettlement Program, also known as 日本の再定住プログラム, is a project that the National Diet of Japan plans to put into effect this Summer.

The program would require over 1,000,000+ Japanese citizens to cram into the 500 islands of the Nagasaki Prefecture. The Japanese Emporer and Prime Minister both support the plan stating that it would "help relieve" Honshu, the largest and densest populated island of Japan.

Structure of Resettlement ProgramEdit

The structure of the Japanese Resettlement Program has been criticized numerous of times because of it's structure. The Japanese government found that a Director would be suitable to lead the program, along with a committee in the National Diet.

The Resettlement Program would also require Japanese citizens to give up their homes and travel to the island they would be assigned at.


Controversy & Public AggressionEdit

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