Repubblica italiana Italy, officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica italiana), is a unitary parliamentary
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republic in Southern Europe, situated on the Mediterranean.

Italy borders Switzerland and Austria to the North, and France to the North West. 
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Italy's capital city, Rome , was the beginning of the rebellion against Maltese occupation. With nearly 80,000 troops surviving the attack from Malta, Italy was certainly ready to fight back. When troops were dismissed by the Maltese government, they took their weapons with them. Now serving members of the Maltese military of Italian origin and Italian soldiers who were laid off, are ready to rise up against the Maltese Empire.

Italy is a parliamentary republic.Italy enjoys a very high standard of living partially because of a high GDP per capita and has a high public education level. Italy has the world's third-largest gold reservesninth-largest nominal GDPtenth highest GDP (PPP) and the sixth highest government budget in the world.

National Anthem of Italy04:01

National Anthem of Italy


Prime Minister: Lorenzo Metotoni

Deputy Prime Minister: None, no coalition in place.



Operational Personell:

  • 35,200 (Pre occupation)
  • 16,000 (Post Occupation)

Operational Ships:

  • 60 

(Pre occupation)

  •  20 (Post Occupation

Class Type Boats Displacement Note
Submarines (6 in Service)
Type 212 Attack submarine Salvatore Todaro (S526)

Scirè (S527)

1,800 tonnes 2 more on order to replace the 4 Sauro class.
Sauro class Attack submarine Salvatore Pelosi (S522)

Giuliano Prini (S523) Primo Longobardo (S524) Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia (S525)

1,600 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Aircraft carriers (Both Lost In Battle)
Aircraft carrier Cavour (550) 27,000 tonnes
Aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi (551) 13,850 tonnes
Class Picture Type Ships Displacement
Amphibious warfare ships (3 in Service)
San Giorgio class [1] Amphibious assault ship (LPH) San Giorgio (L9892)

San Marco (L9893) San Giusto (L9894)

7,500 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigates and destroyers (13 in Service)
Orizzonte-class Destroyer Andrea Doria (D553)

Caio Duilio (D554)

7,050 tonnes
Durand de la Penne class Destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne (D560)

Francesco Mimbelli (D561)

5,400 tonnes
Bergamini-class Frigate Carlo Bergamini (F590) 6,670 tonnes First of 10 planned FREMM frigates.
Maestrale class Frigate Maestrale (F570)

Grecale (F571) Libeccio (F572) Scirocco (F573) Aliseo (F574) Euro (F575) Espero (F576) Zeffiro (F577)

3,100 tonnes MaestraleEsperoAliseo &Euro are to be gradually replaced by 4 new frigates (FREMM ASW)
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Light frigates (3 in Service)
Lupo class Light frigate Aviere (F583)

Bersagliere (F584) Granatiere (F585)

2,986 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Corvettes (6 in Service)
Minerva class Corvette Urania (F552)

Danaide (F553) Sfinge (F554) Driade (F555) Chimera (F556) Fenice (F557)

1,280 tonnes The Minerva class is to be gradually reduced to 2 ships by 2016.[1]
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Offshore Patrol vessels (10 in Service)
Comandanti class Patrol boat Comandante Cigala Fulgosi (P490)

Comandante Borsini (P491) Comandante Bettica (P492) Comandante Foscari (P493)

1,512 tonnes
Cassiopea class Patrol boat Cassiopea (P401)

Libra (P402) Spica (P403) Vega (P404)

1,400 tonnes
Sirio class Patrol boat Sirio (P409)

Orione (P410)

1,200 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Coastal Patrol vessels (4 in Service)
Esploratore class Patrol boat Esploratore (P405)

Sentinella (P406) Vedetta (P407) Staffetta (P408)

164 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (10 in Service)
Lerici class Minehunter Milazzo (M5552)

Vieste (M5553) Gaeta (M5554) Termoli (M5555) Alghero (M5556) Numana (M5557) Crotone (M5558) Viareggio (M5559) Chioggia (M5560) Rimini (M5561)

620 tonnes
Class Type Ships Displacement Note
Replenishment ships (3 in Service)
Replenishment oiler Etna (A5326) 13,400 tonnes Command & logistics support ship
Stromboli class Replenishment oiler (small) Stromboli (A5327)

Vesuvio (A5329)

8,700 tonnes Stromboli-class planned to be replaced by project “LSS” in 2016[2]

The Italian Navy also keeps in service various auxiliary support ships. These include:[3]

Small oil tankers

  • Panarea (A5370)
  • Linosa (A5371)
  • Favignana (A5372)
  • Salina (A5373)

Electronic surveillance & support ship

  • Elettra (A5340)

Research & multi-purpose support ships

  • Leonardo (A5301)
  • Raffaele Rossetti (A5315)
  • Martellota (A5320)

Hydrographic survey vessels

  • Magnaghi (A5303)
  • Aretuse (A5304)
  • Galatea (A5308)

Forward rescue & repair ship

  • Anteo (A5309) Planned to be replaced by ship “USSP” in 2015.[4]

Diving support vessels

  • Marino Mario (Y498)
  • Pedretti Alcide (Y499)

Landing craft

  • 9 landing craft MTM217 class
  • 5 landing craft LCM class
  • 20 landing craft MTP96 class

Training vessels

  • Astice (A5379) Astile, Mitilo, Murena and Porpora are planned to be decommissioned in 2015.[5]
  • Mitilo (A5380)
  • Murena (A5305)
  • Porpora (A5382)
  • Also various sailing vessels; including school sailing ships Amerigo Vespucci (A5312), Italia (A5314), and Palinuro (A5311).

Coastal transport ships

  • Gorgona (A5347)
  • Tremini (A5348)
  • Caprera (A5349)
  • Pantelleria (A5351)
  • Lipari (A5352)
  • Capri (A5353)

Water cistern ships

  • Ticino (A5376)
  • Tirso (A5377)
  • Bormida (A5359)

Materials transport ships

  • Ponza (A5364)
  • Levanzo (A5366)
  • Tavolara (A5367)
  • Palmaria (A5368)
  • Procida (A5383)


Operational Troops: 

  • 108,355 (Pre occupation)
  • 80,305 (Post Occupation)

Vehicles in use by the Army:

Name Origin Type Number Notes
Armoured vehicles
Ariete  Italy Main battle tank 30 130 Lost during occupation, 40 in schools and museums
Centauro  Italy Tank destroyer 150 150 Lost during occupation
Dardo  Italy Infantry fighting vehicle 80 120 Lost during occupation
Freccia  Italy Infantry fighting vehicle 9 40 Lost during occupation
M113/M113A1/M106  United States Armoured personnel carrier 2,100

1,600 lost during occupation

Bandvagn 206  Sweden Armoured personnel carrier 68 121 Lost during occupation
Puma 6x6  Italy Armoured personnel carrier 50 200 Lost during occupation
Puma 4x4  Italy Armoured reconnaissance vehicle 190 210 lost during occupation
Cougar HE  United States Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected 2 4 Lost during occupation
Buffalo  Italy Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected 1 5 Lost during occupation
VM90/Armored VM90  Italy Infantry mobility vehicle 980 300 Lost during occupation
VTLM Lince  Italy Infantry mobility vehicle 1,243 17 Lost during occupation
AR90  United Kingdom Light armoured car 2,600 100 Lost during occupation
VAB NBC  France Armoured reconnaissance-patrol vehicle 5 10 Lost during occupation
AAV7-A1  United States Amphibious assault vehicle 30 5 Lost during occupation
Engineering vehicles
Bergepanzer  Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 136  None lost during occupation
Pionierpanzer  Germany Armoured engineer vehicle 40  None lost during occupation
Biber  Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 64  None lost during occupation
Unarmoured Vehicles
ACTL 4x4/6x6/8x8  Italy Tactical-logistic vehicle 3,000+

The 4x4 version is airmobile

None lost during occupation

Iveco ACM 80/90  Italy Tactical-logistic vehicle 3,000+  None lost during occupation
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[8] Notes
Agusta A129 Mangusta  Italy Attack helicopter CBT 56

60 ordered originally

 None lost during occupation

Agusta A109  Italy Recce helicopter A109EOA-2 10

22 ordered originally

2 Lost during occupation

AB-205  Italy Transport helicopter AB 212 42

built by Agusta, being replaced by NH90

 None lost during occupation

AB-206  Italy Transport helicopter AB 412 39

built by Agusta, being replaced by NH90

 None lost during occupation

AB-412  Italy Transport helicopter AB 412 25

built by Agusta

6 Lost during occupation

Boeing CH-47 Chinook  United States Transport helicopter CH-47C 10

being replaced by CH-47F

4 Lost during occupation

Boeing CH-47 Chinook  United States Transport helicopter CH-47F 0

16 ordered, + 4 options

 None lost during occupation

NHI NH90  European Union Transport helicopter TTH 21

total order of 60; deliveries ongoing

 None lost during occupation

Dornier Do 228  Germany Utility transport Do 228-200 3  None lost during occupation
Piaggio P180 Avanti Italy  Utility transport P.180 M 3  None lost during occupation

Foreign RelationsEdit

Support of Auronitia

Support of Lagina

Support of New Esquel

War declared against the Maltese Empire


None thus far

Trade RoutesEdit

Note: These are common trade routes, buying of multiple or singular items by the government just on the singular, multiple, but not regular occasion, will appear above.

None thus far

Territories (Demanded in terms of surrender)Edit

  • Italian Peninsula
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily
  • Holy See (Vatican City)
  • San Marino
  • Grand Duchy of Tuscany
  • Republic of Venice

Territories ClaimedEdit

None thus far

Partnered OrganisationsEdit

  • Free Italy

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