&nbsp the empier have only existed for a short period of time, after coming out of the bruitlel vosta wars (the vosta what would be centrel greeces) in wich they formed. the wars lasted for about 50 years a it was a costly one about 30,000 die in the fighting. The iros are under the control of emperor Thairen a call back to the old goverment system. the captiel irodon i strong and very powerful in the region.


the imperal banner


the maine export of iro is coal and iron

  • rich in lumber
  • large quarry
  • a gold vaine
  • and severl farms
  • coal mine


the milltary has a very inportant culturely to the iros its is a very well know in the towns and villages that serve the empier. the air force constit of 4 fighter squadron and 2 bomber wings. thay also have 2 stands armys. the fortess of arien is the most import defcence fort in the region.


The army formation are called legions. The list gos down to division and so on. Chief general of the high command is lead by general Marcuse Tybal. The armys elite units are know as strike legoinares.


The air force consits of 4 fighter squadrons and 2 bomder wings. the AA units use the fearsome A3-99 SAM.


the navy has only 10 destroyers, 8 curisers, 4 battleshipes, and 1 aircraft carrier. the IN has olny been in exesnten for a stort periode of time due to the fact that tredigor was capers just a year ago

  • iro trooper after the sige of cassel
  • iro troopers during the battle of werva
  • intrench troopers at cassle
  • emperor Thairen
  • iro trooper the rilfe is not correct it would be a g36c
  • marcusee tybal
  • h-39 tornre
  • Iro 150mm gun
  • v-34 transport coppter
  • E-45 thadrien

the iros have been know to renet out the battilons, there are

rumors that severl mercs battilons were invole in the hong kong rebelion. the imperle goverment dined that were involev.