A principal organ of the International Union, the Secretariat is an intergovernmental organization charged with the promotion of aiding states to collectively maintain international peace and security; it serves as a forum for member-states to discuss and resolve pressing issues in the international field through primarily diplomatic resources. it is composed of a Secretary General, assisted by a staff of international civil servants worldwide, the Secretary General being appointed by the General Assembly for a 5 RP year term upon the recommendation of the Security Council. It services the other principal organs of the International Union and administers the programs and policies laid down by them.

The Secretariat carries out myriad duties ranging from helping resolve international disputes to administering peacekeeping operations to organizing international conferences to gathering information on the implementation of Security Council decisions to consulting with member governments regarding various initiatives to making surveys/studies about different countries' economic and social trends. The Secretary-General may bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter that, in his or her opinion, may threaten international peace and security.

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