The International Organisation of Trading Nations was set up in 2036 by the North Atlantic Republic's Foreign Affairs Commission. The IOTN aims to track international trade and track who taxes it, through what area.

Note: This is not meant to be the CTO. Also, this will correspond with the IOE, because trading here will give an indication of the amount of foreign investment and exporting/importing goes on in your nation.

Trading NationsEdit

Trade Routes and GoodsEdit

If a trade is simply based on a purchase upon import, then simply put your currency as the goods you offer.

Goods must be written as (Nation1's Product) <-> (Nation2's Product) this shows that the trade happens both ways. Assume most imports are monthly, unless written otherwise. Do not forget, that larger nations will have a much larger demand, so volume will be higher, thus taxes will be higher.

Nation Nation(s) Goods (Nation1's goods <-> Nation2's goods)

Tax Location and Amount


Volume (/Month)
The North Atlantic Republic

The Republic of France

The Empire of Italy

American Union Dollar <-> Wine

The North Atlantic Republic - Import Tax



830,000 Liters
The North Atlantic Republic The Union of Iberia and Colonies Carbon Dioxide, Fructose Corn Syrup <-> High Ridge Cola

The North Atlantic Republic, The Union of Iberia and Colonies - Import Tax

%2.7 NAR



xxxxx CO2

xxxxx FCS


High Ridge Drinks

Trade DetailsEdit

French/Italian-NAR Wine ImportsEdit

I've looked into this, and assumed that with a large population, my nation would consume rather a lot. I've looked around, and being in the UK, it seemed easiest for me to find values for the UK. The UK is the 10th biggest consumer of wine, and consumes around 27 liters per head every year. This multiplied by 65,000,000 to give a rough estimate of national consumption is 1,620,000,000 liters.

UIC-NAR Cola TradingEdit

The UIC exports a large amount of High Ridge Cola drinks to the AU, some of this through the NAR's ports, though most imports through the NAR are to be served within it's borders. With a per capita consumption of 394 bottles per year, the NAR is by far one of High Ridge's thirstiest nations. The NAR has also worked to produce some of many cola's largest ingredients, since the cola boom in 2034, the cola industry has become very profitable to supply. Small corporations have been subsidised to expand rapidly, to meet some of High Ridge's huge demand.

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