New members are always welcome, there is no admission process, no requirement for an invitation. Just add your name to the charts, and currency, and an administrator will value it, or it will be put to dicussion in the comments.

The International Organisation for Economics was formed in 2036 when currencies were ill-rated on nations foreign affairs, for example, one nation's rating of currencies could differ from another simply because of allied nations being boosted up the list considerably.

The Organisation is run by the international community, intended to give a fair and firm economic evaluation of a nation's currency and economy.

(Hint: To strengthen your currency, economic activity on the wall will usually be considered strengthening your economy, unless your businesses are doing badly)

Chair Member: The North Atlantic Republic

Co-Chair Member: Commonwealth of India

IOE Administrators





Headquarters: New York City, North Atlantic

European Headquarters: TBC, Planned for Paris
Asian Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Middle Eastern Headquarters: TBC, Teheran or Dubai
African Headquarters: Cairo
South American Headquarters: TBC, Planned for Brasilia
Oceania Headquarters: TBC, Planned Sydney/Auckland

Member NationsEdit

Member Currency
The North Atlantic Republic American Union Dollar ($)
The New Republic of Dakota American Union Dollar ($)
The Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland Polish Zloty (zł)
Commonwealth of India Indian Rupee (₹)
Islamic Republic of Iran Iranian Toman (ریال)

Federation of Kazakhstan

Kazakh Tenge (₸)
Prussian Confederation Prussian Thaler (₰)
The Commonwealth of New Zealand New Zealand Dollar (N₴)
Kingdom of Indo-China Khmer Riel ()
Republic of Quebec Quebecois Dollar ($)
Federal Republic of Nigeria Nigerian Naira (₦)

Rating of CurrenciesEdit

Currency Name (Nation) Value (AU$) Trend
American Union Dollar (American Union ) 1.00 Positive
(Non-Member) Euro (Union of Iberia and Colonies, The Republic of France  ) 1.15


(Non-Member) Argentine Peso (Argentine Republic ) 1.98


Iranian Toman(Shahdom of Iran) 2.03 Positive
Melanesian Beloc [Mbelof/Melo] (Republic of greater Melanesia ) 1.64 Positive
Polish Zloty (Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland ) 0.89 No Change
Indian Rupee (Commonwealth of India ) 2.00 Positive
Prussia Thaler (Prussian Confederation) 1.22 Positive
Kazakh Tenge (Federation of Kazakhstan ) 2.51 Negative
(Non-Member) New Zealand Dollar (Commonwealth of New Zealand) 2.23 Negative

Quebecois Dollar

4.47 Negative
Khmer Riel (Kingdom of Indo-China) 3.87 No Change

Currencies are rated against the American Union Dollar, the currency used to compare others. (Much like the system with the USD)

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