Asosicacion Internacional de Futbol (ESP)

Association Internationale de Football (FRA)

International Football Association


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Abbreviation:  IFA

Motto:  For the Game. For the World.

Formation:  21 May 2032

Type:  Sports Organization

Headquarters:  MadridSpain

Region Served:  Worldwide

Membership:  Multiple Teams

Official Languages:  French, Spanish, English,    German, Polish

President:  Carlos Bens

Vice-President: John Helmar

Affiliations:  International Olympic Committee


The International Football Association is a foundation that includes football teams from around the world. Each country has its selected team to represent them in the sport

World Cup IEdit


World Cup I, the world's first world cup, has been decided to be hosted in California. 32 nations have sent their nation's best players in their national teams in order to win the World Cup. 

World Cup GroupsEdit

The World Cup Tournament is divided in 8 different groups, with 4 teams per group. Each nation will play 1 match agaisnt another team in their group. The winner of that first game will then face the other winner of their first game. Who ever wins this game will become the champion of the group. Each group champion will play agaisnt another group champion within their divison. Then, 2 teams will play for championship of their division. The winner of the division champion game will face the other division champion. Who ever wins that game wins the World Cup.

Division AEdit

Group AEdit

Republic of France

Republic of Columbia

Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland

Nordic Union

Group BEdit

Commonwealth of Canada

Morrocan Alliance

Federative Republic of Brazil

Zoroastrian Shahdom of Iran

Group CEdit

Union of Iberia and Colonies

Confederate States of America

Republic of Hungary

Free Republic of the Yucatan

Group DEdit

Republic of Paraguay

Mali Federation

Republic of Honduras

Empire of Korea

Divison BEdit

Group 1Edit

Empire of Italy

Accran Pact


Trade Republic of Greece

Group 2Edit


Germanic Union

Commonwealth of India

Argentine Republic

Group 3Edit

Republic of California

Central American Republic

North Atlantic Republic

Baltic Union

Group 4Edit

Cameroonian Federtion

Empire of Ethiopia

Empire of Japan

Kingdom of Netherlands

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