Industrial ArchivesEdit

These archives include all industrial historical information. The term "Industrial" is used in this case to describe the 18th and 19th centuries. We would love for you to post your nations history on here to help expand the archives.


  • In need of foreign help, Lmaoia and the far south nation Esqueal come together to form the UUF, or Union of United Freedom.


  • In the far northern uranium mining village of Napunchunovia, a devestating snow/hail storm kills many, and in truth simply destroys the city.


  • A mining village, Turanga, is formed as a bse for the Caldera Mining Companie's operations in the UUF


  • In reaction to the Caldera Mining Company mining into the wall of Santa Elena, people thought that we should protect the landscape of the Big Bend desert. The UUF National Protection Service was founded, along with two national parks, Santa Elena Canyon, and Emory Peak.


  • Fort Christopher is built on the outskirts of Emory to protect against opposing barbarians that threatened to destroy the city.

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