The Indian NavyEdit

Indian Navy
Headquarters New Delhi

Pranab Mukherjee

Minister of Defense A.K Antony 
Chief of Navy

Pujabi Aslarohalala

Active personnel 220,000
Reserve personnel 150,000
History of Conflicts

The Tha Incursion, (White Peace)

Indian-Iranian Conflict, (Loss)

The Indian Navy has been the foremost important strategical asset when operating off-shore and in military incursions involving the Indian armed forces by helping in various support roles along with transportation. The Indian Navy boasts an magnificent arsenal of the modern worlds innovations when it comes to the equipment that is operated by the Indian Navy. 

Basic Navy Training:Edit

The Indian Navy is not as forceful and hard on the new recruits as the other branches, as the Indian Navy do not get involved in conflicts that require brute strength and force; instead the Indian Navy relies on an old doctrine 'sneak behind the enemy and attack him while he is not looking'. This is very popular amongs the admirality and is taught to Naval Cadets at various naval colleges, and acadamies. 





First Call

Wake up and perform personal morning tasks. For males, shaving is mandatory every morning.


Physical Training (PT)

Line up in company area, perform morning physical training (calisthentics and running).





Begin the day's scheduled training exercises.





Continue the day's scheduled training exercises.




Drill sergeant time

Time for drill sergeants to talk to the recruits about any subject they may think requires attention. Mail call is also performed during this time.


Personal time

Time for recruits to engage in personal activities, such as writing letters, doing laundry, showering, or simply relaxing.Recruits may also catch up on platoon duties during this time, such as barracks cleaning or wall locker organization.



Required 150 points to pass basic. 

Navy Vessels:Edit

Nuclear-Powered Submarines:Edit

Chakra (Akula II)-class, Indian Modified I-400, and Arihant-class.

Conventionally-Powered Submarines: Edit

Sindhughosh-class, and Shishumar-class.

Aircraft Carriers:Edit

Centaur-class SVTOL, Vikrant-class, and Modified Kiev-class.

Amphibious warfare ships, landing ships:Edit

Austin-class Amphibious Transport, Shardul-class Landing Ship, Magar-class Landing Ship, and Kumbhir-class Landing Ship.

Destroyers & Frigates: Edit

Kolkata-class Stealth Guided Missile Destroyer, Delhi-class Guided Missile Destroyer, Rajput-class Guided Missile Destroyer, Shivalik-class Multirole Stealth Frigate, Talwar-class Multirole Stealth, Project 17A-class Frigate, Brahmaputra-class Guided Missile Frigate, Godavari-class Guided Missile Frigate, Modified Ulsan-class Guided Missile Frigate, Type 053H1 (Jianghu-II)-class Guided Missile Frigate, Hamilton-class Guided Missile Frigate, Type 053H2 (Jianghu-III)-class Guided Missile Frigate, 

Corvettes: Edit

Kamorta-class Stealth Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette, Kora-class Corvette, Khukri-class Corvette, Veer-class Light Corvette, Abhay-class Light Corvette, Castle-class Guided Missile Corvette, Durjoy-class Guided Missile Corvette, and Type 056-class Guided Missile Corvette.

Mine Countermeasure Vessels:Edit

Pondicherry-class Minesweeper, Pondicherry-class Mine-Layer, River-class Minesweeper, and Type 010-class Minesweeper. 

Patrol Vessels:Edit

Saryu-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, Sukanya-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, Car Nicobar-class Patrol Boat, Bangaram-class Patrol Boat, Trinkat-class Patrol Boat, Super Dvora-class Patrol Boat, Immediate Support Vessels (ISV) Patrol Boat, Island-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, Sea Dragon-class Offshore Patrol Vessel', Padma-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, Kraljevica-class Anti-Submarine Vessel, Type 062-I-class Anti-Submarine Vessel, Type 037-class Anti-Submarine Vessel, Type 062-class Gunboat, Type 021-class Gunboat, Chamsuri-class Gunboat, Type 025 Torpedo Boat, Meghna Class Large Patrol Vessel, and Bishkhali Class 'Large Patrol Vessel.

Fast Attack Craft & Rapid Response Boats: Edit

Type 024-class Missile Boat, Type 021-class Missile Boat, and Rapid Response Boat (RRB).

Replenishment Ships, Support Ships and Research & Survey Vessels:Edit

Deepak-class Replenishment Oiler, Jyoti-class Replenishment Oiler, Aditya-class Replenishment Oiler & Repair Ship, Nicobar-class Troopship, Astravahini-Class Torpedo Recovery Vessel, Astravahini-Class Diving Support Vessel, Sagardhwani Research Vessel, Sandhayak-class Survey Vessel, Alcock Ashdown-class Survey Vessel, Roebuck Class Hydro-graphic Survey Ship, and Agradoot-class Survey Ship.

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