Ice hockey at the Diamon Jubilee games is one of the most important games in the eyes of the fans. With hockey being the second most popular sport in Poland, and the most popular sport in russia, and Estonia-latvia Tensions are high and the fans are rawring at the prospect of some interesting match ups.

The Ice hockey tournament as part of the games is Being held in two stages. Since the mens will have the most fans in attendence the men's ice hockey is being held prior to the starting of the jubilee games officially on january 3rd. With the final of the mens ice hockey being the highlight of the opening night.

Both men's and women's ice hockey will start with group stages from 32 qualified teams, out of these 32 qualified teams only 16 teams will make it through to the next round.

Men's Ice hockeyEdit

The Ice hockey groups are as follows:

Group A
Team Points
Poland 9
Canada 6
Okhotsk 3
Kamchatka 0
Group B
Team Points
 California 9
S.Germany 4
Czech Ex. 3
Argentina 1
Group C


Russia 7
Baltic Union 7
Greece 3
Nordic Union 0
Group D
Team Points
Slovak Ex. 9
Green Ukraine 6
China 3
Japan 0
Group E
Team Points
Magadan 9
Ohio 6
Hungary 3
Romania 0
Group F
Team Points
North Atlantic Republic 9
New Michigan 6
Britain 3
Buryatia 0
Group G
Team Points
Iberia 7
Siberia 6
Altay  3
Omsk 1
Group H
Team Points
Albania 9
Finland 6
Mexico 3
Manchukuo 0
Tournament Stage
Round of 16 Pol. SGC Cal. Balt. Rus. G.Uk. Slv.Ex Ohio Mag. N.Mich NAR Sib. UIC. Fin. Alb. Can.
Quater Finals Pol. Balt Rus Ohio N Mich NAR UIC Can
Semi Finals Pol. Ohio NAR Can

Women's Ice hockeyEdit

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