Duchy cavalry

The Hunnic Empire Flag

The Hunnic Empire== The Hunnic Empire is an empire located in modern day Mongolia. Follows the ogvernment of the ancient huns mixed with modern government.


The Hunnic Empire was found in 2076. Was founded by Hinjil Kahn. Is growing in size but is an economical power.


  • Leader: Kahn of Kahns
  • Congress
  • House of Kahns

Military ArmermentsEdit

*All weapons were created by Giang Industries*Edit

Assault RiflesEdit

  • GDM-2
  • GDM-4
  • GDM-X6


  • GDM-1 short range
  • GDM-45 medium range

Sniper riflesEdit

  • GDM-78 bolt action high powered
  • GDML-V6 semi automatic medium power


  • GTS-23: 24" steel armour, 56 mm cannon, 2 heavy machineguns
  • GTS-32:56" steel armor, 89 mm cannon, 1 heavy machinegun


*1=high 10=low*Edit
  • Gracana:
  • VVBZR:
  • Canada:
  • Auronitia:
  • Belkan Commonwealth:
  • Russia:

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