If your nation has no Points of Interest, then you're a horde. Orcs will always recieve the bonuses of a horde, regardless of having a PoI or not.

Normal hordesEdit

Normal hordes(humans, and like) dosen't exist from the start of the project, but can be created if you lose all your PoI. These hordes will have 7 Values until the end of a period.

If they did't conquer anything in this period, then this horde will continue as a horde for the next period. 

If they conquered anything in this period, then the horde benefits will stop being given, and the horde will return as a normal faction.

Orcish hordesEdit

Orcs will always have a minimum of 7 Values, which they can spend on units. It dosen't stack with other bonuses.

Orcish hordes will still have to build a village, which include the whole clan. If this ain't enough building, then you can help build the draenai PoI.

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