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The Republic of Hong Kong ​


A República de Hong Kong

Flag of the Republic of Hong KongCoat of arms of Hong Kong

250px-Hong Kong Location.svg (1)

250px-Hong Kong Location.svg (1)-0


Official languages

Written Languages

English, Chinese, Portuguese

Traditional Chinese, Portuguese 


Hong Konger or Macanese

Capital City

Largest City

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Government Unitary Semi-Constitutional Republic
 -  Chief Executive

Leung Chun-ying

 -  Chief Secretary
for Administration
 Carrie Lam
 -  Financial Secretary  John Tsang

- -


Secretary for Justice Court President

Assembly President

Rimsky Yuen

Sam Hou Fai

Lou lat Seng


Legislative Council (Hong Kong)

Legislative Assembly (Macau)




Portuguese Administration (Macau)

Portuguese colony (Macau)

- Treaty of Nanking (HK)


1 December 1887

29 August 1842 

Japanese occupation (HK)  25 December 1941
to 15 August 1945



Transfer of sovereignty to China (Hong Kong)

Trafster of sovereinghty (Macau)

Republic of Hong Kong independence

1 July 1997

20 December 1999

November 27, 2032

 -  Total 1,133.5 km2
473.39 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 4.58 (50 km2; 19 mi2)
 -  2011 census 7,663,476
 -  Density 25,112/km2
65,116/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
 -  Total $425,915.81 billion
 -  Per capita $87,668
GDP (nominal) 2013 estimate
 -  Total $425,963 billion 
 -  Per capita $115,958 

Hong Kong Yen

Time zone HKT (UTC+8)
Date format
  • yyyy年m月d日 (Chinese)

dd-mm-yyyy (English)

Drives on the left
Internet TLD

.mo (Macau)

.hk (Hong Kong)

  • .香港

The Republic of Hong Kong is a country south of China, located on the South China Sea. Hong Kong was owned by many empires, some including Japan and Britian. The 

350px-1 hong kong panorama 2011 dusk victoria peak

A view from Victoria Peak, looking north over Central, Victoria Harbour and Kowloon at night.

British had captured Hong Kong and had signed a treaty in the 1970, saying that they could own the Hong Kong islands for 99 years, and would give back (handover) the 

200px-Macau viewed from Macau Museum - 20100923

Macau Skyline view from Macau Museum.

lands back to China in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Macau was captured by Portugal from the mid 1500s, was returned back to China on the 20th of December, 1999 from their Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration. After, China decided to make the two cities, Hong Kong and Macau into a province called SAR (Special Administrative Region), China. Later in March 5th, 2032 the province of SAR, China protests to be their own independant country, and over a long talk and convincing, The Republic of Hong Kong becomes its own country in the 27th of November 2032. As a result, The Republic of Hong Kong would celebrate their independence yearly on the exact same day, on November 27.



220px-The University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong


In The Repubublic of Hong Kong, education is the top priority. Education is free from grades K-12, thus there would be many school and univeristy, such as University of Hong Kong, located in Hong Kong. Many libraries would be constructed and built in the country, and thus many would attend school.


There are many hospitals, including some of public and private hospitals. There are over 50 hospitals in the country, providing aid and health care to the country.





Office Building of the Legislative Assembly in Macau

The two cities are run on two different legislatures, and the two legislative representative would meet up at the Macau Legislative Assembly to discus national issues to advise the Chief Executive (this would only apply for enforcing laws, building a new building/project, etc.). Two Legislature Officials would come to Macau's Legislature Assembly along with the Chief Executive and discuss about relations of world problems. The Chief Executive would decide on the topics and discuss them at organizations (this only applies if the Legislatures has ideas about that the Chief Executive would say about in a organization, meeting, opening, etc.).



Foreign RelationsEdit

The Republic of Hong Kong has formal relations with many nations, including the Kingdom of Cambodia, and The Republic of the Philippines.




Many companies in The Republic of Hong Kong contribute to the wealth known in the country.


250px-MTR NamCheong 1

Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation in Hong Kong.

In The Republic of Hong Kong the main transportation provided to the citizens are subways, ferries, taxis and cars. a company in The Republic of Hong Kong that owns ferries to transport citizens from Hong Kong to Macau. The Republic of Hong Kong also has 2 airports, one in the two cities. The two airports are used for pulic and military use. Public for passenger travel and business cargo. And, military to bring in military cargo.


In The Republic of Hong Kong, tourism contributes to the famous country.


The Republic of Hong Kong has a diverse and unique culture reflecting its history of colonialism, often being described as "east meets west" because of the mixing of the nations traditional Chinese roots with influences from its rule under Britain and Portugal.


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