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Hawaiian-Honduran War

South progress

North Progress



Hawaiian Allied Forces:

443px-Kanaka Maoli flag.svg Hawai'i

SvgFileService (1) Melanesia

Flag of California.svg California

Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio

Flag of New Michigan New Michigan

Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey

Japan flag Japan

Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador

Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico

Flag of Panama.svg Panama

Other Anti-Honduran Forces:

Austria-flag2 Auronitia

Flag of Iran.svg Iran

Flag of Malta.svg Malta

Great Britain New Britain

Bandera de la Provincia del Chubut svg New Esqueal

Flag of Iceland.svg New Iceland

Honduran Coalition:
Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras
800px-Flag of Peru (war).svg Peru
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil
Flag of Texas.svg Texas

The Hawaiian-Honduran War is an ongoing conflict in America which began on X with the bombing of Managua in Hawaiian Nicaragua by the Republic of Honduras. The bombing came as a result of a brief period of swiftly rising tensions between the Kingdom of Hawai'i and Honduras starting with the interferance of Hawaiian intelligence operatives in an attempt by the Honduras government to purchase highly enriched uranium smuggled out of the Republic of Texas with the goal of rebuilding its long forfeited nuclear stockpile.

There has been much debate over whether this conflict qualifies as a world war or not however given the presently decreasing level of conflict in the war and the fact many nations are now turning their attention to domestic concerns it's unlikely this classification will stick.

Names for the WarEdit




So On and So ForthEdit

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