His Majesty's Armed Forces, more commonly referred to as the British Armed Forces, is the Armed forces of the New Britannic Empire of Great Britain and Colonies. It consists of three services: The Naval Service, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force.

   The Armed Forces are tasked with Defending the New Britannic Empire, and her overseas territories (As Well as the Autonomonous State of Natal), and Britain's wider Security Interests, It has an active force of 375,000 men (Including the 50,000 strong Natal Defense Force) , and 70,000 Active reservists, with 800,000 men in reserve, in which only 100,000 have been trained in the last five years. 

   Britain became a nuclear-weapons state in 1952 with Operation Hurricane. It became the world's third nuclear power, after Mexico and Poland, followed by Russia only a few years later. It holds an active force of 325 nuclear warheads, in which 225 are stationed on the four Vanguard-Class Submarines, due to be replaced in 2037 by the larger Stanley-Class Submarines. The remaining 100 are stationed in land-based silos across England and Scotland.


Naval ServiceEdit

   The Naval service is split into two seperate organizations; The Royal Navy, and the Royal Marines.

Royal NavyEdit

   The Royal Navy is one of the most sophisticated Naval fleets in the world. Comprising of 83 commissioned ships, not including the Natal Naval Defense Force, which comprises of around 25 ships. The Navy is currently undergoing a massive programme that will see it expand substantially as it becomes once again the main service of the Armed Forces. 

   A large portion of the New Britannic Empire's nuclear detterent is stationed aboard the NBE's 4 Vanguard-Class Submarines. The navy also consists of three carriers, seven other submarines, three amphibious assault ships, 8 destroyers, thirteen frigates, fifteen Mine Countermeasure Vessels, 24 Patrol Boats, 4 survery vessels, and two training ships. Furthermore, the Natal Naval Defense forces consists of 3 frigates, 12 Patrol Boats, 5 Missile Patrol Boats, and 5 Survey vessels. 

   The large rearmament programme undergoing in the Naval Service, is seeing the commissioning of a brand new class not yet seen before of specially designed Drone carriers. The three carriers, built slightly smaller than HMS Illustrious will be manned by a crew 1/3 that of the Illustrious. The first carrier, HMS Churchill, will be commissioned by 2036-2037. 

   Along with the new carriers, the Global Combat Ship will be entering service as a brand new Frigate meant to bolster the Royal Navy's Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Submarine capabilities. The Frigates will be entering service by mid 2036. 

   And along with the Global Combat Ship, the entire ballistic missile submarine force is being replaced by the Stanley-Class Ballistic Missile Submarines. The Mine Countermeasure and Patrol Boat services will be recieving smaller upgrades as well.


Basic Plan of the Churchill-Class Light Drone Carrier.

Bae systems official gcs release

Global Combat Ship

Near future russian ssbn by axeman3d-d3b6p5e

Stanley-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

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