Her Heavenly Navy [HHN]Edit

Established in 1436 under the rule of King Herman II and Queen Gabriella, Her Heavenly Navy is the naval might of the Asterian nation. The HHN continues operations around the world, ranging from joint task forces to research to humanitarian aide and so on, continuing to protect the glory land.

HHN ShipsEdit

The HHN has many different vessels, here is a semi-accurate list of the unclassified vessels currently on active duty.

HNN LocationsEdit

The HNN has many offices, stations, and bases located around the world, here is a list of currently unclassified locations.

  • Langover City [[[Asterian Monuments|The Gate]]]
  • Langover City [Naval Yard]
  • Langover City [Recruitment Office]
  • Solara City [Naval Academy]
  • Solara City [Naval Yard]
  • Solara City [Recruitment Office]
  • New Overion [Taskforce HQ]
  • New Overion [Recruitment Office]

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