A Company in Cambodia which deals with Constuction, Angkor Cars, Real Estate, Animal Farms, and Restraunts. Founded on June 1997 by Seang Chan Heng in Takhimao City in Kandal Province in the state of Cambodia in IndoChina .

Hen Development Co. LTD



"We Provide For You With All Green World"

Headquarters:Takhmao City in Kandal Province, Cambodia

'Founded:' June, 1997              '         

Served Area: IndoChina, India, Texas, Madagascar. Washington, Hong Kong. Angola, Argentina

 Industry: Construction, Angkor Cars, Real Estate, Animal Farms, Restraunts

  CEO   Seang Chan Heng

Construction ProjectsEdit

Angkor CarEdit

The battery powered 'Angkor EV 2036’ can travel 300 kilometers without charging at a maximum speed of 60 km/h, and can be recharged in 3 hours only. The car is intended for use on IndoChinese domestic Market, for an estimated price of 7,000 USD.

Cambodia-angkor-car-3 zpsde03deb0

Real EstateEdit

Animal FarmsEdit


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