HHNS Herman

HHNS Herman

  • Name: HHNS Herman
  • Class: Garoha
  • Type: Missile Ship
  • Weapons: (Exact types, ranges classified) Ship-to-Ship Missiles, Ship-to-Land Missiles, Ship-to-Air Rockets, Machine Guns, Airdrones, CommBot Pods, [Classified]
  • Crew Complement: 50
  • Captain: Aleksi D. Makela
  • Stationed: New Overion Taskforce
  • Status: In Active Duty
  • Average Speed: +35 Knots
  • Current Mission: While exact details of the HHNS Herman's mission are classified, the Herman is currently off the coast of New Overion to participate in an international joint taskforce which aims to secure the region and irradicate the ARU presence within said area.

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