The Griken EmpirEdit

The Griken Empire Was founded by the races of Griken and Jirengar. They were outcasts after the human races destoryed their homeworld and forced them to leave. They are settled on a planet known now as Graklin. The two races despise almost all human kind.They will destroy any human ships near their lanet unless under a flag of truce.


The Griken Empire was settled on an unkown planet before being driven out by the human races. The Griken foiught hard but the human races outnumbered them 4-2 and they were overpowered. The Grikens fleed but not without inflicting heavy casualties on the humans. They have settled on a new planet and swear revenge.


  • Griken Circle
    • Griken Elder
    • Griken politicians
  • Jirengar Circle
    • Jirengar elder
    • Jirengar politicians


  • None so far
  • none so far
  • none so far


  • Humans

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