The IdeaEdit

The Grand Trade Highway is a trade initiative and one of the major Civil engineering Undertakings of Archvoivode Jacek Z Bialy of the VVBZR. Initially his mastermind behind the idea it soon spread to other nations, first Karkland, Then Milan, Followed soon after by Jinasus and kriegizstan.

The Objective of the Grand Trade Highway is to act like a Trade Tree, The Routes in europe, will all join to a single point where they form the Trunk, This trunk will stretch across russia and fan out at mongolia forming the leaves and branches of the tree. It was made in order to increase the linkage between europe and the east and creat a major trade income for VVBZR as they will be primarily in control of the western and central sectors of it.

The RouteEdit

The G.T.H As abbreviated in english will follow a very specific route. as displayed in these images.

All trains except for two lines from Japan directly through to Bialy are invented by VVBZR Scientist from the Bornholm Voivodeship Stanislav Z Tarczabrzeg. The others are Japanese bullet Trains

Red=Discontinued Line

Blue=To be Created

Black=Existing Line

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