Holy symbol of Gostigust

Gostigustism is the oldest religion in the word, dating back to around 4500 BC. It believes in the holy words from Gostigust described in the Santo Libro del Senor Gostigustisa, AKA Holy Book of Lord Gostigust. The religion was refounded and reformed in 1786 by a secret, radical people who referred to themselves as "Gost"


Gostigustism is proven to be over 5000 years old by Spanish and Irish archaeologist. Cave art depicting Ogirus and Gostigust have been found all over southern Ireland, the birth place of Gostigustism. Around 500 BC, Celtic druids pushed the Gostigustist out of Ireland. The Gostigustist fled on boats to Iberia. They were persecuted harshly by Laginians and then the Romans but managed to survive, although only in Galicia. Over the time, Gostigustism died out, with only 100 followers by 1000. By 1770, only Juan Merania and his parents remained as followers. In 1775, Juan's parents died in Dajerino. Orphaned, he was the only follower of Gostigustism back. He became known as The Last Priest, and created his own reformed religion on March 17, 1786 in Dajerino, Spain, which still considered the holy city of the religion. Juan Merania was the first Gostian, who's powers are similar to the Pope but considered a holy god sent by Gostigust. Juan and his small group of followers remained unknown at first, until he lead a violent attack on priest in a holy riot. After finding out about this religion, everyone was ordered to attack them on site. Juan and his followers fled to Laginia to live in exile. Around 1801, when Napoleon annexed Spain, Juan lead his followers back in hopes of not being prosecuted. He was wrong. He and most of his followers were executed by the ruthless French army. When Spain gained independence again, the word of Gostigustism speard throughout the Mediterran, mainly in Spain. Gostigustist set up  churches disguised as Catholic churches in Madrid and Dajerono, but were destroyed in 1947 by Franco. Today, the new Castillian kingdom allows Gostigust to worship freely and build houses of worship, known as Empirs. Gostigustist terrorism has also emerged, and remains a global threat, with attacks done as far as California and Argentina.

Church InformationEdit

Members: Unknon

Current Gostian: Merania Gostigust

Houses of worship: Unknown

Schools: Unknown

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