Gohu is a tiny little village in Nort Valuz. Gohu has existed as one of the oldest cities in Alesterlend sinc earound 604A.D with the Great Gohuian Fire. Gohu lays across 5 square miles and has issued a bid for the 2016 Olympics

Gohu has many beuatiful landmarks including Siefals (A location showing the flags of all 7 countries that owned Gohu as a major city or capital) Gohu's economy is the greatest in all of Alesterlend with an A on the Alesterli Economy scale. In 1965 with the admission of Nort Valuz to the National Alesterli Province Program, Gohu became the first capital of Alesterlend and was considered to be the overall capital of Alesterlend, but lost out in the bid to Shekrer.


Population: 99, 789 people

Economy: A rated

Square Millage: 67 sqaure millage

Main Language: Croatian

Mayor: Mayor Kildy Gluvni

Sister Cities:

--- Shkrer

--- Lidezmesta


Average Tempurature: 67F

Formation: 604A.D/1965A.D

Tallest Building: Old Gohu Clock Tower

Subway System: No

Number of Stadiums: 2

Gohu's SportsEdit

Gohu is a very-unsporty city but wishes to expand its name outside of Alesterlend as it bids for the 2016 Olympics.

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