The Global Minibuilders Project is a proposed UMB Wall-RP/Minibuilding project set on the fictional planet of [TO BE NAMED] and in the year of 2015 CE. Unlike EoEP 2, this project focuses more on settlement creation and originality of nations, rather then basic wall RP.

Background Edit

The year was 1813 CE, a prosperous time for the nations of [TO BE NAMED]. The global economy was extremely strong, global peace was imminent, and [TO BE NAMED]ians were close to landing on a nearby planet. the However, with this prosperity, came a horrible disaster that would forever change human life on [TO BE NAMED]. Astronomers have confirmed an asteroid is on a collision course with [TO BE NAMED], and the impact would be enough to wipe out human civilization on the surface. Although governments tried to keep this a secret to avoid mass panic, people eventually found out and anarchy ensued. While chaos reigned for 2 years on the surface, many people managed to secure safety in underground bunkers and formed complex underground communities which would last for generations. The 7th generation since the impact eventually rose from their underground chambers after the effects of the impact are mostly gone. With modern ideas and technology still free and alive, can you recreate the prosperity that your ancestors had centuries ago, in an unknown world filled with rubble and wilderness?

Rules Edit

The three basic rules and guidelines are:

Climate map
  1. All borders are fluid and dictated by settlements.
  2. All nations must be unique and not copies of real life nations on Earth.
  3. No NPC states.

Settlements Edit

Settlements dictate a nation's size and military power. Settlements must either be done in your own, private place or a public settlement building server, and admins must have access to your settlements for verification. Completed settlements will be marked on a map on a public server as well as national borders. There are types of settlements; a village, a town, a city, and a global city.

Settlement requirements (To be completed): Edit

Village: Edit

Typically a small, rural pit stop in a vast wilderness, the village is the simplest settlement type in GoP.

  • 15 x 15 studs
  • 3 x 3* studs of farmland
  • 1 form of transportation
  • 1 natural resource with a maximum of 3
  • Must contain a residential district.

Town: Edit

A town is a lesser developed suburb of a city and although still fairly basic, are still more complicated then a village.

  • 25 x 25 studs
  • 5 x 5* studs of farmland.
  • 2 forms of transportation
  • 2 natural resources with a maximum of 4.
  • Must contain a residential district and either an industrial district or a commercial district.
  • Requires a clinic, school, emergency services, a town hall, and a fresh water source


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