Created after the Eastern Asia and Pacific Nuclear Exchange. It is known for being one of the first villages that survivors came back to. But the most defining feature of this small town is that it's the birth place of the Overlord Rask Arknan. It is officially recognized for this and there are even rumors that Arknan personally supplies the citizens with whatever he thinks they need.


One of the countless villages across the Greater Karkland Republic. While it is not as small as the nomadic "villages" that comprises most of the GKR, Ginkarve is still a tiny settlement in comparison to many world super-powers. That is why, like many others, Ginkarve is connected to the underground railroad like so many other villages that supply Garshee. With these protected railroads and its close vicinity to Garshee, it is the number one supplier of wheat to the Southern Garshee District.


Population: 543

Location: Northern part of Korean Peninsula

Main Exports: Wheat

District: South Garshee District

District Governor: Fint Denett

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