Geokilmego Armed ForceEdit

Like i said the military use Xaoibok with there military and thay don't use heavy machinery. But thay use Anit-tank
  • AMR-2
  • AWM L96
  • Barret M99
  • CZ-75 DAO
  • CZ-75 Full-Auto
  • Denel NTW-20 (Not The Halo Sniper Rifle)
  • Galil Medium Support Rifle
  • G18 Full-Auto (Optional Semi-Auto Pistol)
  • KSG Bullup Shotgun
  • M1014 Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • HK M416 (Main Use Assault Rifle)
  • PP-19 Bizon
  • RT-20 Bullup Anti-Tank Rifle
  • SA80 Light Support Weapon
  • Dragunov SVD
  • Springfield xDM
  • Sterling SMG
  • UMP Universal Machine Pistol
  • USAS-12 (Not The AA12)
weapons and RPGS, plus heres a slidshow if there inventory of there arments!


Troopers: 2,301

Sniper Troops: 231

Spec-Ops: 129

Support Gunners: 972

Geokilmego Army Air ForceEdit

The GAAF is now operational and ready for action. Now heres a List of aircraft being Used
  • Northrop F-5S Dogfighter
  • AIDC F-CK-1A Dogfighter
  • AMX Internatonal AMX Ground Strike
  • Mirage F1A Ground Strike
  • F-104S Interceptor
  • Su-15TM Interceptor
  • FB-111 Strategic Bomber
  • Vickers Valiant Strategic Bomber
  • Yak-141 Multi-Role


Ground Strike Force: 22

Dogfighter Force: 102

Intercept Force: 31

Strategic Bomber Force: 33

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