Gdynia is a Village on the south coast of the baltic sea, It is west of the Hel peninsula in the gulf of Gdansk.


Gdynia's culture is stereotypical of small VVZBR Villages in poland. The Village Popped up as an inflow port for the northern Rail-line. The People of Gdynia are Strong Vilkist worshipers and as such the center piece of their village is the Vilkist Temple, The temple is the nearest for miles and Vilkists flock to it for worship. The Temples courtyard features a war memorial. The Wall of the Dead is a testament to those who died in the war in gracana, One of two such memorials in the country.


Gdynia is an inlet port on the west coast of the gulf of Gdansk , The inlet is surrounded by a layer of flatland, which itself is surrounded by a ring of hills, This makes the settlement easy to defend.


The Villages main source of economy is the inflow port, which takes major ammounts of trade from the baltic sea. The Trainline heads west and south to bydgoszcz and bialy, The trainline continues on to Warsaw aswell. There are also several Twin trawling fleets that work off the coast of Gdynia, Fish is the main resource of the village.


In History Gdynia has always been an important port in the north of poland. As such many naval vessels have attempted to blockade it , however it is not the easiest to blockade because of the ports design you'd need a lot of ships to blockade it. As such a tactic was always deployed that a decoy ship was sent out, then would retreat into the far west reach of the port, at which point boats would appear from the Port branches.


  • Fish

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