Gateway is the capitol of the Trisandrian Empire. It is located in present day Alaska. It earns its name for the fact that 90% of planes and boats traveling to the volcanic islands of Trisandria depart from this town, making it the, "gateway", to Trisandria.


Gateway is located in Alaska at the delta of the Gateway River. It is on the coast of Dublin Bay. Its elevation in 16 feet above sea level.


Due to it being north, gateway is often very cold, but its elevation gives it a maximum of 30 degrees in summer. Earthquakes happen often here, just like the rest of Trisandria


In 2053, Vonhorn Lol decided to depart Central UUF from the UUF. He met with the leader of Souther UUF, Max Martinez, and without an argument, departed. The people decided it would be Alaska's volcanic islands that they would be settling at. They then drove to Calgary Oil Company, a nation just above the UUF, and from there, they walked into the wilderness. After 6 months of walking, they reached the western coast of Alaska on the commonly refered to as, "the panhandle". They set up their camp, and Trisandra was formed. This camp later turned into a town, and was named Gateway.

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