One of the many cities part of Rask Arknan's "Rebuild and Reform" project. This was essentially put into affect because of the devestation in the region from the Eastern Asia and Pacific Nuclear Exchange. The region was decimated and most large settlements in the area were destroyed. When Rask Arknan came to power, the first thing he wanted to do was rebuild the cities. Arknan is a smart man though and seeing all the more powerful nations in the world, he chose a spot in the mountains as a way to protect the first large settlement of the GKR. Despite this, walls were still built to provide absolute protection.


That was 15 years ago. Today, the GKR is growing into the prosperous nation it once was with the grand city of Garshee at its center. It is not only a city to thousands of Karkanians, but it is now the capitol and home to large farms and buisnesses that supply the rest of the country. Even today, it grows and grows. It is the symbol of what Arknan's vision of this region truely is. To rebuild this decimated region of poor farmers into the powerhouse that it once was. Day by day the glory of this comes closer, and maybe not in Arknan's lifetime, but eventually this goal will become reality. And Garshee and its residents are proud to be at the frontlines of this change.


  • Population: 463,452
  • Location: The northern part of the Korean Peninsula
  • Main Exports: Rice, Granite, Clothes, Fabrics
  • Main Imports: Copper, Uranium
  • District: Garshee District
  • District Governor: Hunonosh Yusk
  • Mayor: Larn Rusq

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