Game HelpEdit

If you are having difficulty in making a game look here for help.

Creating a Wikia PageEdit

Wikia Help05:26

Wikia Help

Starter ToolsEdit

  1. Open up Roblox
  2. Make sure you have a Tools Starter Pack if you don't try this one
  3. Go to your place website page and enter the place
  4. Press Menu ---> Game Settings ---> Studio Mode
  5. Drop all gear and roblox tools and walk far away from the tools
  6. Open Tool Box ---> My Models ---> Insert Starter Pack
  7. View ---> Properties and Explorer
  8. Players ---> You ---> Backpack
  9. Copy tools and paste into Starterpack folder
  10. Pick up the dropped tools
  11. Save ---> Leave

Roblox Studio Help03:22

Roblox Studio Help

Message BrickEdit

  1. Change transparency to 0
  2. Change name in Properties

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