Galactica Intiative



"To center and back."

Delrapi, Tibet 

India, Tibet, Myanmar, and Seychelles.

$230,000,000 USD

Galactica InitiativeEdit

The Galactica Initiative was first created by India, after the reduction of the Indias' armed forces, there was a surplus of funds left; some went to military research projects while most of it went into the Galactica Initiative. The Galactica Initiative was purposed to explore the depths of space, and colonize worlds on behalf of the Human population. They are assembling new designs monthly, and production on the best aeronautic materials begin testing and so forth from there. The Galactica Initiative was then backed by the rest of the Tha Axis in order to expand the 'Human' interests into space. 

Projects Edit

  • 2037 - Launch first probe to look at Mars surface for suitable colony.
  • 2040 - Begin launching communication satts. Into orbit around Mars.
  • 2042 - Begin launching supply, and neccesity modules in desired colony region.
  • 2045 - Begin launching domes that carry 10x colonist each, along with hydroponics modules. 


India - $100,000,000

Tibet - $60,000,000

Myanmar - $70,000,000

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