Kharkov Flag

The land of Kharkov (Galapagos Islands) was once shrouded in war, from the ashes of previous empires, Kharkov emerged. Facing many obstacles including rebels, civil wars, and natives. The civil war was the bloodiest of them all, the communistic east, against the democratic/imperialistic west. After 12 years of war, they came to an agreement making Kharkov for some time was under the vasslation of Canada. Kharkov is under a Monarchy as of today.


Being as secluded as they are, the people of Kharkov have developed their own language (Meirnov). Most of the people are of Canadian decent. From the 2070 Census: 35: Christain, 25%: Catholic, 10%: Sinni Islam, 10%: Jewish, 9%: Buddhist, 5%: Hindu, 4%: Shi'ite Islam, and 2%: Other.

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