Free Republic of the Yucatán

Libre República de Yucatán

600px-Flag of the Republic of Yucatan.svg   350px-Coat of arms of Yucatan.svg


"Sanguinem, sudore, et lacrimis in gentes luceat"

"Blood, sweat, and tears make a nation shine"



Flag Placeholder
and largest city

Spanish, Maya, English

Roman Catholic,

Yucateco (a)


Federal Presidential

Constitutional Republic

 -  President Pedro N. Ranchez II
 -  Vice President Tadeo L. Bello I
 -  House Speaker Sarita Marcos
 -  Chief Justice N/A
 -  Congress Congress of Yucatán
 -  Civil War 2033
 -  Constitution 2033
 -  2033 Census 3.5 M

? sq mi

(? km2)

Approx. 2.0 M


Yucatán Peso ($)(?)

Date format


Drives on the


Internet TLD


The Free Republic of the Yucatán (Spanish: Libre República de Yucatán) is a sovereign state in central America located mostly on the Yucatán Peninsula. The country is a Developing Nation that has only been in existence for a few years. That said, the economy and government are very unstable and fragile.

History Edit

The history of the Republic of Yucatán is very short indeed. The Republic of Yucatán declared its independence from Mexico in the Mexican Civil war of 2033. The constitution was published and ratified the same year. Much thought was put into what government should be chosen and who would lead the new country. Eventually, a committee was put together of the generals, heroes, and greats from the civil war and a debate was held. This was the first act of the government of Yucatán. The majority voted to have a Free Republic, and it was set in stone once the constitution was written. Next, an election was held for the leaders of the new country, and it was said that war hero Pedro Ranchez would become the new president, and vice president, General Tadeo L. Bello, would serve by his side. A number of other important roles were assigned, like House Speaker, and Congressmen and Women.

Government Edit

The government of the Yucatán is unstable and is still undergoing some changes. They currently await construction of the Capitol, Treasury, Mayor's House, and the Senate Building in Mérida, the largest city. There is not much else to say about the government.

Economy Edit

The economy of the country, like the nation itself, is still developing. Several small mines and ranches have been set up throughout the peninsula, and a few small-time businesses are opening shop in the towns of Yucatán. The economy is still very slow, however, and is very fragile and prone to change at any moment.

Towns and Cities Edit

Mérida - Town - Under Construction

Campeche - Town - Under Construction

Muna - Village - To be constructed

Santa Elena - Village - To be constructed

Pisté - Village - To be constructed

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