France 24


Launched:  June 3 2010

Owned by:  France Médias Monde

Country:  France

Official Languages:  French, Spanish, English, Arabic, German

Type:  News Company

Headquarters:  Paris, France

Region Served:  Worldwide

President:  Benoit Daragon


France 24 is an international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris. Its stated mission is to cover international current events from a French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world.

The service is aimed at the overseas market and is broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the world. Currently it offers variants in English, Spanish, Arabic, and German in addition to French.

African Conflict CoverageEdit

France 24 was one of the main news company that covered the whole conflict in all of Europe, debates were hold each week to see where was the conflct going to and he people of European thank France 24 for broadcasting this catastrophic event from beggining to end.


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