This is Fort Rose an
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d the surronding settlement of Rose.

Fort Rose was built in 1836 by empress Julia Rose Micia. Fort Rose was built at the time surronded by MME owned land, but with her death empires around took land back. Her son Louis was determined to keeo Fort Rose and the empires let him keep only a little portion of land surronding. Rose the settlement was begun in 1980 after extra land was given. In 1838 when the fort was opened 10,000 soldiers lived and worked there. By 1938 20,000,000 millions soldiers 60% of which are MME citizens were housed there. Today only 8,000,000 soldiers are housed there. The last major change in this area was in 2009 when the SaRCB was built, this stands for: Sotren and Rose Connection Bridge that connects Rose and Sotren.


Fort Rose is very simple. On one side is the fort surronded in a 20ft wooden wall. Beyond that wall is the Litonian Forest. West of the forest leads a road towards the tiny city of Rose. Fort Rose is a large stone built fortress that stands 10 stories high. On top is a 2 story falg mast with the proud MME flag.


Fort Rose houses to date 8,091,607 people. In the forest also lives the Kepan tribe with an overall population of 170ish people. The settlement of Rose houses 1,065 people. Most people think that Fort Rose and the surronding area belongs to the state of Sotren, this is false. Fort Rose and the surronding are make up the state of Rose. Rose was dedicted as a state in 2004 when Michael decided to honor of his great grandmother Julia Rose.

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