The Federal Republic of Germany is a nation in 


central Europe which was founded in 2045 by the constitution of New Munich signed by all regions of the South and North German coalitions. 


After a brief war beteen the South and North German Coalitions, the two had signed a new constitution for a single Germany, the costitution being signed in New Munich in 2045, roughly 100 years after the divisions of Germany. 


The current Heer, (Army) consists of roughly 180,000 Infantry, 6,000 A5 Leopard MBTs, 4,500 A6 Leopard MBTs, with around 350 APCs. The Luftwaffe consists of roughy 478 Fighters / Interceptors, 120 Long Range Stealth Bombers, and 128 Attack Helicopters. (Expect much more soon!)

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