Federal Democratic Republic of Denmark


Danish Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

""Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke" (traditional) "God's Help, the People's Love, Denmark's Strength"

Anthem: "There is a Lovely Land"

Danish National Anthem

Map of Denmark

Territories: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland

Map of the Danish Commonwealth


-Faroe Islands



and largest city

Copenhagen II
National language Danish
Demonym Danish, Danes
 -  Chairman Vlademi Reig
 -  Prime Minister
Legislature Demokratisk Forsamling
 -  Kingdom 8th Century
 -  Republic Declared June 27th 1998
 -  Republic August 13th 1990
 -  Total 42,915.7  km2

16,562.1 sq mi

 -  Water (%)
 -  2013 estimate 12,932,432
 -  Density 142/km2

33.7/sq mi

GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total 443.211$
 -  Per capita 39,212$
GDP (nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $392,903 trillion
 -  Per capita $20,213
Gini (2011) 28.2 
HDI (2013) 0.901
Currency  demokratisk Valuta (DV)
Time zone CET (UTC +1)
 -  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC +2)
Drives on the right
Calling code +45
ISO 3166 code DK
Internet TLD .dk

The Federal Democratic Republic was formed after the fall of Monarchy in Denmark. The people brutally rebelled resulting in the rise of the Republic, However the Monarch fleed into Europe letting the Democratic Republic to take over. The former capital was burned resulting in the construction of Copperhagan II. The Democratic Republic now flourishes in the arts and has a strong police force. The Territory of the Federal Democratic Republic was when the NU Dissolved, and we peacefully broke away.

Military StructureEdit

Denmark's Military is split up into four branches; Army, Public Forces, Tank Corps, Navy, and Standard Infantry Corps. Each branch has a special job and are elitely and personally trained. Parents who wish for their children to join the military will send their child off to Military Influenced Academies by the age of five. They'll be taught in math, programming and strategy over all. Danish Armed Forces are generally very intelligent due to this.

Skill Level Chart:

^4: Highly trained and Intelligent, Very elite and lethal. Mainly made up of the smarter youth of Denmark.

^3: Well armed and moderately trained. Mainly made up of older Danish War Veterans

^2: Moderately Armed, poor elite training. However great Soldier Tactic Training.

^1: Moderately Armed, No elite training, Moderate Soldier Tactic Training.

-4: Poorly Armed, Moderate Soldier Tactic Training

-3: Poorly Armed, Small Soldier Tactic Training

-2: Poorly Armed, Minimal Soldier Tactic Training

-1: Militia Training, Given hand-me-downs from the Army.

Branch Statistics: 

  • Army

Strength: 20,000

Skill Level: ^1

  • Public Forces

Strength: 5000

Skill Level: ^2

  • Tank Corps

Strength: 3000 Soldiers, 2000 Tanks

Skill Level: ^4

  • Navy

Strength: 10,000 Sailors, 200 Ships, (Each ship holding a 50 Man crew)

Skill Level: ^1

  • Standard Infantry Corps

Strength: 950,400

Skill Level: -4

Total Strength:

990,600 Man Strength

Foreign DiplomacyEdit

  • ===Allies:===
  • Russia

  • ===Trading With:===
  • Iran

  • ===Hostile With:===

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