Far East Republic of Green Ukraine

Далекий Схід Республіка Зелений Україна

Dalekyy Skhid Respublika Zelenoho Ukrayiny

800px-Flag of Green Ukraine Green ukraine coa









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and largest city

Ukrainian, Yiddish, Russian






- President Ivan Dimitrov
- Prime Minister Oliev Zytomirsky
- A Position A Person
Legislature Green Congress
- Upper house Royal Sejm
- Lower house National Sejm
- Zeleny Uprising 1912-1922
- Affirmation Uprising 1935
- 2030 census Upwards of 22 Million



UD$ To be determined


Hryvnia (??)(???)

Date format


Drives on the


Internet TLD


The far east republic of green ukraine is a splinter state of the soviet union that was formed through the advent of Polish Prometheism aimed at splitting russia up into manageable pieces. While the project of prometheism is long dead polish influence in the area remains high. The far east republic of Green Ukraine is the 4th most populous slavic nation in the world and the largest non indigenous slavic population anywhere in the world.

When the bolshevik far east republic was created in the aftermath of the revolution the green ukraine attempted to secede. This however proved a failed measure.

This was not the end for the fledgling nation as poland engineered parts of the revolution in eastern russia to fall so that they would regain independence. Original agreements were that the green ukraine would adopt the polish crown much in the same way of the british commonwealth nations. However the king refused to let this be a demand, and left it as a suggestion. The republic never adopted the crown.

The population of the country is now 22 Million of which 68% are ethincally ukrainian in origin.


The land that makes up green ukraine today was settled by ukrainians as part of the russian empire. In the aftermath of the crimean war Russia deported several tatar and cossack populations from ukraine to the far east republic, descendants of these cossacks make up the majority of the population today.

In 1935 the soviet government lost control over the far east and the polish government set off a chain reaction in the area that lead to the independence of several nations and ultimately the russo-polish cold war. The chain reaction resulted in the rise of this independent nation as the most prosperous post soviet republic in the far east. The capital of Vladivostok has become a playground for the rich and they have held several major events in which foreign delegations are often invited.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Sentiments towards russia have remained low throughout the life of this nation, Many of the politicians in far east ukraine viewing the new russia as still opressing ethnic recognition and their right to self determination. This view has been majorly effected by their post-soviet status and their strong links with the commonwealth Kingdom of Poland.

Pacific co-operation is one of the main goals of this nation as they have been in talks with nations such as Melanesia, and the Electorate kingdom of Magadan, and The electorate kingdom of Kamchatka.

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