Computer Model

Fma 82 south falcon aircraft pass by ghostestudios-d524vni

Computer Model 2

The FMA 82 Halcon Del Sur is a Multi role fighter currently in service in the Argentine Air Force.Started development in 2030 it entered service in 2032
Details (Basic)Edit

It was designed to be:

  • Low/Medium cost
  • Good Autonomy
  • Guided equipment
  • Made in Argentina

    Artist Impression

  • Easy to operate
Details (Tripulation,etc)Edit
  • Tripulation: 1-2 depends
  • Empty weight: TO BE DEFINED
  • Weight at take-off: TO BE DEFINED
  • Post-Combustion: Yes
  • Supercruiser: Yes
Details (Perfomance)Edit
  • Operative Maximum Velocity: Mach 2
  • Service Roof: 17.000 Meters
  • Pulse Radar (ELTA 2032 adjusted for FMA 82's)
  • 1 30mm cannon
  • +8 Anchor Points


  • Laser Guided Bombs
  • GPS Guided Bombs
  • Cluster/Deceiving/Napalm bombs
  • IR/TV Guided Bombs
  • Rockets


  • BVR Missiles Medium/Long range
  • Guided by 5th generation heat

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