The FoundationsEdit

The EOEP FIFA Organisation was founded by the Two nations of Canada and VVZBR in an effort to take the game more world wide as opposed to domestic leagues in their induvidual countries. The First FIFA Copa-America, FIFA Eurasia Cup and FIFA World Cup will be held in 2074.

FIFA Copa-AmericaEdit

FIFA Copa-America is a cup specifically for American nations, Although TPU were invited as they had land in the american continent. The Current Teams that are in the Copa-America Region are:

  • Canda
  • Kharkov
  • Belka
  • TPU
  • Valasistia

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FIFA Eurasian CupEdit

FIFA Eurasian Cup is a cup specifically for the Eurasian Nations, Although as there is no Stable Group of african countries to form a cup for Africa Auronitia are invited to it. The Current Teams That are in the Eurasia Cup Region are:

  • Auronitia
  • Japan
  • Cambodia

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FIFA World CupEdit

The Fifa world cup brings all the countries together from their seperate Cups to see who truly is the best Soccer Team in the world.

Official World RankingEdit

In Alphabetical till points are earned or if points are tied Points rounded to .5 of a point .25 is rounded down.

Ranking Country Ranking Points Friendlies hosted this season(2074) Form
1. Canada 13.5 5 W-D-D-D-W-D-W-W
2. VVZBR 11.5 3 L-D-D-W-W-L
3. Kharkov 10 4 D-D-W-D-W-L-W


2 1 D
5. Cambodia 2 0 D
6. Valasistia 1 1 D-L
7. Belka 0 0 L
8. Japan 0 1 L-L
9. TPU 0 0 L-L

Ranking and Game MethodEdit

  • Beating the Lowest Ranked Team Gets 1 point, a point is added for each rank above this that is beaten. Drawing Gains half the points.
  • Competative Matches like in FIFA Copa-America, FIFA Eurasia Cup or FIFA World Cup double the points Gained.
  • Points can't be lost.
  • To Decide a match a teams name is put into a random chooser, The lowest ranking team's name is put into the random chooser once, an extra name put in for each rank up from this. E.G If there are 6 teams, and the 3rd rank team is against the 2nd Rank team. The odds of the 3rd Rank team winning would be 4/9 The odds of the 2nd rank team winning would be 5/9. To allow The possibility of drawing the names will be chosen twice, if the team is different each time it's a draw, if it's the same both times that team wins.
  • You Can only Host 10 Friendly matches a Year but can partake in as many away games as you like.

Recent MatchesEdit

Home Team Score Away Team Competition
VVZBR 3-5 Canada Friendly
VVZBR 1-1 Kharkov Friendly
Kharkov 3-3 VVZBR Friendly
Kharkov 5-4 Japan Friendly
Canada 2-2 Valasistia Friendly
Canada 2-2 Kharkov Friendly
Auronitia 3-3 Canada Friendly
Canada 3-1 Belka Friendly
Japan 2-6 Kharkov Friendly
Kharkov 2-1 TPU Friendly
VVZBR 3-1 Auronitia Friendly
Kharkov 3-5 VVZBR Friendly
Canada 0-0 Cambodia Friendly
Canada 3-0 VVZBR Friendly
Kharkov 3-1 Valasistia Copa America
Canada 1-0 TPU Copa America

Planned MatchesEdit

Home Team Away Team Competition

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