The Euro-Road Organization is devoted to the creating of road based links between the countries of europe to further integrate trade and tourism.

The Euro-Road Organization is lead by Poland, Romania, Finland and Estonia-latvia however it has been shown interest by France, Germany, South german coalition, Russia and the Balkan union.

Should this plan go through in regards to between russia and poland it would mean the end of the agressive border crossing regulations in place either side of the border.


  • Map of european borders and proposed routes of the Euro-Road System

  E1-: Helsinki-Vyborg-St. Petersburg-Novgorod-Tver-Moscow-Kursk-Kharkiv-Donetsk-Rostov au Donu- Sukhomi [The Road Transverses the sovreign countries of Finland, Russia and Abkhazia]

E2a-:Moscow-Bryansk-Homyel-Brest[Branch road of the E2]

E2b-:Moscow-Smolensk-Minsk-Brest[Branch road of the E3]

E2-:Brest-Warsaw-Poznan-Berlin-Bielefeld-Dortmund-Essen-Dusseldorf-Brussels-Paris-Bordeaux-Bilbao-Valladolid-Madrid[The road transverses the sovreign countries of Russia{a-b}, Poland Germany, Germany, Belgium(assuming it exists), Paris and Spain]

E3-:Constantinople-Varna-Odesa-Mykolaiv-Kherson-Zaphorizia-Dnipropietrowsk-Cherkasy-Kiev-Homyel-Mogilev-Vitebsk-Pskov-St. Petersburg[The Road Transverses Russia, Poland, Romania and the Balkan union]

E4-:Donetsk-Dnipropietrowsk-Kirovograd-Kishinev-Bucharest-Sofia-Skopje-Podgorica-Banja luka-Zagreb-Ljubljana-Venice-Milan-Torino-Lyon-Tolouse-Zaragoza-Madrid[Transverses through the sovreign nations of Russia, Poland, Romania, Balkan union, Empire of Malta, France, Spain.]

E5-:Skopje-Belgrade-Budapest-Krakow-Warsaw-Krolowiec-Jelgava-Riga-Tartu-St.petersburg[Transverses Balkan union, Hungary,Poland, estonia-latvia and St petersburg.]

E6-:Kirovograd-vinnitsa-Ternopil-Lviv-Krakow-Silesian Metropole-Wroclaw-Leipzig-Frankfurt-Manneheim-Bern-Milan[Transverses Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Malta]

E7-:Ljubljana-Graz-Vienna-wroclaw-Poznan-Bydgoszcz-Gdansk[Transverses Balkan union, South Germany and Poland]

E8-:Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Brussels-Luxembourg-Stuttgart-Munich-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-Kishinev[Transverses Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, South Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland

E9-:Rome-San marino-Bologne-innsbruck-Munich-Prague-Dresden-Berlin-Szceczin[Transverses Malta, South Germany, Germany and Poland.

E10-:Vitebsk-Vilnius-Grodno-Bialystok-Warsaw-Lodz-Katowice-Prague-Nurnberg-Frankfurt-Dusseldorf-Amsterdam-Den Haag[Transverses Poland, South Germany, Germany and Netherlands.]

E11-:Chernivitsi-Khelmenitsky-Zytomir-Mozyr-Mogilev[Poland only]

E12-:Moscow-Riga[Russia to Estonia Latvia]

E13-:Amsterdam-Bremen-Hamburg-Szczecin-Koszalin-Gdansk-Krolowiec[Transverses the Netherlands, Germany and Poland]

E510-:Connection road From vilnius to klaipeda[Poland only]

E15-:Conection road from Talinn to Tartu

E50-Sevastopol-Zaphorizia[Black sea highway, Russia only]

E45-Belgrade-Zagreb Connection road[Balkan union only]

E42-:Nantes-angers-Tours-Bourges-Lyon[Spain only, connecting atlantic ports with eastern and central europe.]

E31-:Linking the E3 and the E1 via Poltava From Kremenchuk-Kharkiv.

E20-:Torino-Monaco-Marseille [Connection road]

E68-:Budapest-Lviv[Connection road]

E40-:Kiev-Warsaw[Connection road]

EX1-:An exchange road circling major cities directly on routes from Moscow [Tver, Bryansk, Smolensk, Orel and Rzhev]

EX23-:An exchange road connecting the E2a to the E3 Directly from Vitebsk to Smolensk.

Signatory nationsEdit

  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Estonia-Latvia
  • Abkhazia
  • Balkan Union
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Germany

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