The Etruscan League


Foundation: 2033

HQ City: Ankara, Turkey

Largest City: Jerusalem, Turkey

Type of Pact: Collective Defense, Trade.
Current member-state(s):

Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Thailand

Total Population: 1,498,563

The Etruscan League is a collective defense, and trading organization currently operating from Ankara as its head city. With a population just exceeding one billion. Its current mission is to promote peace throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.


The Etruscan League was only recently founded by Turkey, when seeing that she and Pakistan alone could not take on the amense allies of the Tha Axis, Turkey called her allies together to form the Etruscan League. Hoping to organize allies. Its Goal has been made too keep peace within its surrounding areas of the Middle East, Central Asia, and Indo-China.

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