Esquel is the Capital of Argentina
  • Road near the city
  • The Town itself


Owing to its location on the immediate leeward side of the Andes, Esquel has a Mediterrean Climate (Köppen Csb), though it is much more continental than the more classic Mediterranean zones of Central Chile, and frosts and even snow are common in the winter months from April to September. Snow falls on average on twenty days each winter but seldom lies on the ground. Summers are generally warm and sunny, though it is still cool at night owing to the town’s relatively high altitude, and cold outbreaks from the south can bring freezing temperatures even during this season.


Buses,Stuff, etc.


Karkland Neighboorhood:Edit

This One is the oldest of all,containing many variety of houses,buildings,etc.As said,this Neighboohood is the oldest in the city. Contains the Hospital

Lopez  Neighboorhood:Edit

This Neighboorhood was the second to come,it is separated by Karkland by the Lopez Avenue and with the Central by an Street,this Neighboorhood contains the most public buildings of all,The Park,Police and Fire Stations and the City School

Industrial District:Edit

Built soon after foundation of Esquel,Industrial was the back of the City's economy, but today it is being dwarfed by the Financial District.

Central Neighboorhood/District:Edit

Perhaps the most important,contains the Tallest Building,the only 2 monuments (War Memorial and Marechina Park),the  Goverment house and the Financial Part.

Military Base:Edit

The main HQ of Argentina's. military,it's currenly used as an Land and Airforce base and holds silos for Missiles.

South Central Neighboorhood:Edit

Perhaps the least know,this district contains no goverment buildings,no public ones,Just 1 resource,but it contains the southern part of the Central Avenue

Misc. FactsEdit

Province: National Capital Province (NC P)

Governor:Andrés Aguilar (Socialist)


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