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The Equatorial Insurrection was a rebellion in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which lead to the formation of the Equatorial Federal Republic and it's merging and annexation by the Union of Iberia and Colonies

Equatorial Insurrection

Iberian soldiers deployed in Equatorial Guinea

Date DAY MONTH 2029 – DAY MONTH 2033
(Something years, Something months, Something weeks and Something days)
Location Equatorial Guinea
  • Equatorial Guinea absorbed into UIC.
Federal forces Republic forces

Equatorial Federal Republic

Union of Iberia and Colonies

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Commanders and leaders

Iberian Armed Forces:

Hahir Alfonso III

Commander Ricardo Diaz

Commander Carlos Miehas

Federal Armed Forces:

Commander Juan de Haros

General Stphan Curka

General Mouhammed De'Ham

Guinean Armed Forces:

President Vicente Borun

Field Marshal  Ernesto De Fori

General Isma Hoarla

Casualties and losses

Iberian Armed Forces:

Federal Armed Forces:

Total Dead:

Total Wounded:

Guinean Armed Forces:

Total Dead:

Total Wounded:

Under Casualties and Losses please list if they were Killed, Missing/Captured, Wounded, or Injured/Diseased/ Other Medical*
* "injured, diseased, or other medical": required medical air transport. UK number includes "aeromed evacuations"

'**'Total deaths include all additional deaths due to increased lawlessness, degraded infrastructure, poorer healthcare, etc.


In 2021, El Presidente Vicente Borun assumed complete power over the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, weakened by invasions by it's much larger neighbors Gabon and Cameroon. His authoritarian policies set off a rebellion in 2029. The whole nation soon fell into civil war.

Course of the warEdit

Thinking the rebellion would be short and easy, El Presidente saw this as a time to annex São Tomé and Príncipe to power his country with it's hydro power and to supply it with fish. This was a grave mistake to El Presidente, due troop relocation. While he was fighting in the small Portuguese speaking islands, the Federation annexed Bata and the surrounding province. Rio Muni become a huge battle zone. To preserve the rain forests, Spanish soldiers guarded and locked down Monte Alen, and the national park become a huge refugee zone. Republican troops attempted to siege the protectorate but failed. Soon, the Federal Republic conquered all of Rio Moni under the help of Iberia. El Presidente retreated to his island territories, and heavily fortified them and prepared for attack. Eventually, a force of Iberian and Federal soldiers broke through the fortifications and captured Malabo. El Presidente was killed by an Iberian fire team, thus ending the war and establishing the Federation's capital at Malabo.

Iberian InvolvementEdit

Spain had been supporting the rebellion since it started, mostly to establish greater influence in Africa and open the region to the ambitious Spanish cocoa companies that want to create cocoa plantations in these countries. When Iberia was formed, aid, auxiliary troops, and In 2033, El Presidente used chemical weapons on civilians to kill rebels. The rebels alerted Iberia, and after an investigation, it was found they did use them. Iberia launched airstrikes on the Equatorial Guinea Republic, and El Presidente declared war on Iberia. The Iberian troops were well used to the weather, due to military training agreements set up with Cambodia that allowed Iberian troops to train in Cambodian tropical rain forest and swamps. Iberian troops were landed in the country to support the Federals, leading to a Federal victory in 2033.

Post WarEdit

After Malabo, the last bit of territory the Republic controlled, was captured and El Presidente killed, the short lived state of the Equatorial Federal Republic was formed by Juan de Haros. As unstability and a lack of modernization continued to shock the nation, Haros requested to be under Iberian rule until the nation is back on it's feet. After the Lagin agreed, Equatorial Guinea was granted autonomy under Iberian rule.



A map of Equatorial Guinea in 2029, with years under the name of provinces when they were annexed by the Federal Republic

Republic of Guinea
Equatorial Federal Republic


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